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This website is for club/team specific uniforms that require to be ordered anytime outside of the teams scheduled bulk ordering time on the FirstTouch Website.

If you are unsure of your teams scheduled ordering time please contact your team manager

From humble beginnings in 1988, Soccer Stop has enjoyed fantastic growth by providing an extensive selection of authentic soccer equipment for individual soccer players, teams and schools (High School & College) as well as soccer clubs of every size. We offer competitive pricing, soccer replica jerseys, soccer shoes, team kits, promotional items, sale and close-out specials, and a constantly evolving selection of merchandise...all with unmatched customer care!

Recreational Team Uniforms

Soccer Equipment from top licensed manufacturers including Adidas, Nike, Puma, and many others.

Altitude FC
Altitude FC
Colorado Storm > Soccer Cleats > Soccer Equipment
Colorado Storm
Corinthians Recreational Kit
Corinthians Recreational Kit
Littleton Soccer > Soccer Cleats > Soccer Equipment
Littleton Soccer
Real Colorado > Soccer Cleats > Soccer Equipment
Real Colorado
Real Edge Academy
Real Edge Academy
Rio Rapids > Soccer Cleats > Soccer Equipment
Rio Rapids SC